Special Notices

We are pleased to announce a four (4) season crypt and niche floral program for the community mausoleums located in our Diocesan Cemeteries. Floral arrangements will be supplied and installed for the crypts and niches that are enrolled in our program. There must already be a vase assembly or a vase ring and vase cup installed on the crypt/niche location.  Floral arrangements  will be installed at four separate times a year.  Click here for more information and/or to enroll online.


Memorial Candle Renewal – Candle Renewal


If anyone has trouble locating a family member buried at our diocesan cemeteries, a free App available for downloading here will enable the user to search our burial data base and find G.P.S. navigation to a particular location. In addition, family members have the option of placing online memories of their deceased loved ones. This service is provided free of charge.

When visiting the cemetery be sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Always hide any valuables out of sight and be sure to lock your car and take your keys. If you have any questions please call (302) 656-3323.

Families at All Saints Cemetery should be aware that deer are roaming the grounds and eating some of the fresh flowers being placed in vases. Please check with the office if you have any questions.