About Catholic Cemeteries

Catholic Cemeteries, Inc. (CCI), an agency of the of the Diocese of Wilmington, is a non-profit organization. Our primary objective is to assist in the corporal work of mercy, burial of the dead, by operating and maintaining regional cemeteries and assisting parishes with their own cemeteries. We provide assistance with the practical details of arranging for burial, pre-need planning, and memorializing. We seek to serve all Catholics in the Diocese by providing facilities and services needed for the respectful burial of the faithful departed. We recognize and accommodate individual and family circumstances, local customs and financial position. We also provide a preferential option for those deceased Catholics whose families are unable to financially provide for the final disposition of their beloved deceased.  ALL CHRISTIAN DENOMINATIONS ARE WELCOME

Our History:

Catholic Cemeteries, Inc. has been in continuous operation since 1876. It was started as the Cathedral Cemetery Company with the opening of Cathedral Cemetery on Lancaster Avenue. It served as the only Diocesan Cemetery until 1958 when All Saints Cemetery was opened in Pike Creek valley. Over the years the cemeteries have evolved and changed from the more traditional facility with in-ground burials to a full-service cemetery with the addition of above-ground entombment facilities at both locations, interment chapel facilities at both locations and double-depth lawn crypts at All Saints Cemetery, and a new section with availability of private mausoleum sites and upright monuments at All Saints Cemetery. On Nov. 2, 2002 Bishop Saltarelli dedicated the third diocesan cemetery, Gate of Heaven, located on Route 26 at Wingate Rd. east of Dagsboro, Delaware. This Cemetery was developed to serve the growing Catholic Population in southern Delaware and the nearby counties in Maryland.

Why do we need Catholic cemeteries?

As Catholics, we believe in life after death and everlasting happiness with God. This belief gives us strength when faced with sorrow, courage in moments of weakness, and hope as we continue our earthly journey of faith. The rite of Christian burial and burial in Catholic Cemeteries are ways Catholics bear witness to the belief that life on earth is preparation for eternal life with God. Ever since early Christians were buried in the catacombs of Rome, Catholic Cemeteries have held an important place in religious traditions and practice. They provide a sacred resting place for those who believe in the Good News of the Gospel. During times of mourning, Catholics gather strength and comfort from the Catholic community and its traditional prayers and liturgies. Surrounded by family and friends, and the familiar symbols of faith, many find consolation and courage, knowing their loved one is at peace awaiting Resurrection. And, when our temporal world requires refuge, our Catholic Cemeteries offer solace€¦religious sanctuaries in an increasingly secular world. Here in private meditation or public liturgy, Catholics share their unique bond of faith with those who came before and those who follow- a bond which remains unbroken and unconquered by time or death. In the spirit of Christian unity all Christian denominations are welcome at our cemeteries.