Office for Marriage and Family Life

The Office for Marriage and Family Life provides various formational, educational, supportive, social and spiritual enrichment programs and resources for individuals, couples and families.

Annual Wedding Anniversary Mass 2024 with Bishop Koenig

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Celebrate National Marriage Week 2024 – The observances of National Marriage Week (Feb. 7-14) and World Marriage Day (February 11) are an opportunity to focus on building a culture of life and love that begins with supporting and promoting marriage and the family.

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Marriage Moments for May

May 6: Remembering may become more difficult with aging, but that doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to forget. May 6 is Holocaust Remembrance Day. ( Regardless of whether you are of Jewish or German heritage, take time today to remember the challenging and joyous times of your life and marriage.

May 13: (Mother’s Day) Of course if you are alive you were born of a mother. Maybe you are also a mother to children of your own. As you remember your own mother this week, give gratitude for lessons learned and to your beloved spouse who joins you in loving.

May 20: “Marriage is wonderful. Don’t ruin it with unrealistic expectations. Learn what your marriage truly can and cannot be. Hint: Don’t take your cues from Hollywood.” (Mark Gungor, Laugh Your Way America) So, from where do you take YOUR cues – your parents? friends? experience? your faith?

May 27: (Memorial Day) On Memorial Day we remember those who have defended our freedom. But freedom is bigger than winning a war. Marriage can free us to stop searching for perfection – to stop putting up a front, to risk being our truest, best self because we are loved unconditionally.

Parenting Pointers for May

May 3: Screen Free Week ( If your child is old enough for school, they’ve probably spent a lot of class time on computer screens. Weather permitting, offer them a Nature Break this weekend – or at least some indoor art, craft, or board game alternatives.

May 10: (Mother’s Day) Everyone has a mother. Many of us are mothers ourselves. Your child will learn how to honor his/her mother by watching how you honor yours. Whether your own mother is alive or dead, share with your child something you appreciate about your mother today.

May 17: Who do your kids hang out with? Friends have a big influence on us. Invite your child’s friends to your home. Offer to take your child and a friend to a sporting event or other fun activity. Show you care not only for your own child but for their friends too.

May 24: Chores – Every household has jobs that need to be done: cooking, cleaning, caring for each other. Hopefully your children already have age-appropriate jobs. As summer approaches, review who does what. Are there any job adjustments/upgrades that should be made?

May 31: As summer vacation time comes, outdoor activities usually increase – but there are also rainy days. Be prepared with quiet reading areas and interesting child friendly books, art & craft possibilities so they don’t just revert to the TV or their phone.

Painting by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

Prayer for Families

God, Our Father, loving and merciful, bring together and keep all families in perfect unity of love and mutual support.

Instill in each member the spirit of understanding and affection for each other.

Keep quarrels and bitterness far from them, and for their occasional failures instill forgiveness and peace.

                                                                   May the mutual love and affection of parents set a good example.

                                                                   Instill in children self-respect that they may respect others and grow in mature independence.

                                                                   May the mutual affection and respect of families be a sign of Christian, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.