Catholic Schools

Welcome to the Catholic Schools

Welcome to the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Wilmington where we educate students in Pre-Kindergarten 3 through Grade 12 in Faith…Excellence…Service. Our 30 diocesan, parish, and private Catholic schools in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland offer a wide diversity of programs and opportunities that develop 8500+ students to be holy and holistic.

The distinguishing feature of every Catholic school is its emphasis on faith formation. Through prayer, worship, community, and service, students are educated as disciples of Jesus Christ and His Church. Catholic virtues are infused throughout the curriculum to provide students with a worldview that sees the other as brother and sister in the Lord and to develop them as student leaders today and world leaders tomorrow.

Catholic elementary and high schools are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the curriculum incorporates both state and national standards for learning. The core curriculum is enriched by technology, the visual and performing arts, world language, and co-and extra-curricular activities, and athletics. Standardized assessment data demonstrates that Catholic school students in the Diocese of Wilmington exceed both state and national averages at all levels. High school graduation rates hover at 100% and scholarship awards are impressive.

For additional information, contact the Catholic Schools Office at 302-573-3133.