Catholic Cemeteries Guidelines

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Who can be buried in a Catholic cemetery?
Catholics, whether active or inactive, and  members of Catholic families from other religious affiliations. In the spirit of Christian unity members of Christian denominations without similar facilities of their own may also be buried in Catholic cemeteries, provided they abide by all cemetery regulations.

What are the rules governing the placement of flowers and decorations on graves?
Fresh cut flowers in appropriate self-supporting green cone vases may be placed at any time. They will be removed when they become unsightly. Winter decorations may be placed after November 1st and will be removed after February 1st. During the grass cutting season from April 1st through October 31st potted plants and artificial flowers are only permitted three days before and one week after Easter, Mothers€™ Day, Memorial Day, and Fathers€™ Day. The clean up dates are clearly posted at the entrances of Cathedral and All Saints Cemeteries. When placing decorations please place them close to the memorial so that no one trips on them. The cemetery is not responsible for lost decorations. No planting or planter boxes are permitted.

What are the rules governing the decoration of the community crypt spaces?
Decorations are limited to the vase supplied by the cemetery. Decorations should not infringe on adjacent crypts. The use of artificial flowers is encouraged in interior crypt areas because fresh cut flowers deteriorate and the water for these flowers turns rancid quickly. In April of each year a general inspection of all artificial crypt arrangements is conducted. Those arrangements that have deteriorated or are not appropriate to the season are removed. The cemetery is not responsible for items lost or removed. No decorations may be placed on the floor.

What are the rules regarding memorials?
All memorials will have a Roman Cross or other Catholic symbol as the most prominent feature of any design. The use of secular imagery, nicknames, and personal quotes are subject to review and approval of the cemetery superintendent.

In lawn monument areas all memorials must be level with the ground. The maximum size for a single adult grave marker is 28€ long by 18€ wide. For two graves side by side the maximum size marker is 48€ long by 18€ wide. Granite and bronze are both permitted. For cremains areas the maximum size single marker is 1€™ by 1€™. On baby graves the maximum size marker is 18€ long by 10€ wide.

On areas that allow upright monuments the maximum base size is 65% of the lot width not to exceed 5€™ in length. The maximum overall height is 4€™. Free standing statues, urns, and crosses are prohibited.

For more information on memorials and monuments please contact the cemetery office.

Cathedral Cemetery (302) 656-3323
All Saints Cemetery (302) 737-2524
Gate of Heaven Cemetery (302) 732 – 3690