Solidarity Partnership



 Come and Celebrate!

The 15th Anniversary of our Diocesan Global Solidarity Partnership with the Diocese of San Marcos Guatemala

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Schaefer’s Canal House, Chesapeake City, MD

Mass:  3:00pm    

Dinner and Entertainment:  4:00 – 7:00 pm

Tickets:  $35.00 per person pre purchase only

Contact Joan McConnell 302-333-4227

 [email protected]


Lynne Ewing 410-648-5283

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Solidarity Partners – a new volunteer opportunity through the Global Solidarity Partnership between Wilmington and San Marcos.  Do you have abilities that can make other people’s lives better? To help them be better persons, able to make their own way in life more successfully? Do you have ideas and convictions about how the world ought to be? Are you interested in other cultures and ways of life? Do you look at life from the viewpoint that God loves and accepts all people and calls you to that also? If so, take a close look at the flyer and the application materials below. Contact Fr. John Hynes at 302-633-4915 or Al Drushler at 302-633-1977 for more information.

Solidarity Partners Volunteer Flyer

Long -term Volunteer Application Instructions

Long -term Volunteer Application

Long -term Volunteer Application (Word Document)

Long -term Volunteer Application Self-Reference Form

Long -term Volunteer Application Self-Reference Form  (Word Document)

Long -term Volunteer Application Reference Form

Long -term Volunteer Application Reference Form  (Word Document)

History of the San Marcos ~ Wilmington Partnership In April, 2003, Bishops Michael A. Saltarelli of Wilmington and Alvaro Ramazzini of San Marcos signed a partnership agreement forming a bond of friendship, spirituality, and care between the two dioceses. This covenant was a result of a series of events that began with the migration of members of the Guatemalan community to lower Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Before long, there were several thousand Guatemalans living in our diocese and most of them came from San Marcos, Guatemala. Over several years, Bishop Ramazzini visited his flock in the Wilmington diocese and met Bishop Saltarelli. Subsequently, Bishop Saltarelli visited San Marcos and met the parents, wives, friends, and relatives of the newest members of the church of Wilmington. Out of these initial contacts and with the assistance of Catholic Relief Services, the partnership emerged. There have been delegations to and from San Marcos during every year of the partnership. Almost everyone who visits San Marcos from the Wilmington diocese says that the experience of meeting the people of San Marcos was “life changing.” When our parishes and schools hear the stories of visitors from San Marcos, they are able to understand more clearly of the reality of life in a third world country. This strengthens our faith and our Catholic commitment to Social Justice and charity issues. This partnership, which celebrated 10 years of friendship in 2013, has been evolving over time. Opportunities to be involved in this partnership continue to develop as time goes on. Click on the links below to read more about the projects that are ongoing, and to read about the many accomplishments so far. Contact Fr. John Hynes of St. Catherine of Siena and Chair of the Solidarity Committee (302-633-4900) for more information. Inquiries may also be directed to Mary Jo Frohlich of the committee, at [email protected]

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