Diocesan Test Scores

Standardized and classroom assessments indicate that students in the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Wilmington perform well.  In all elementary schools the Diocese administers Renaissance Star, a national standardized assessment tool used in public, private, and parochial schools.  Results demonstrate that student performance is above the national mean score (50th percentile) in Reading and Mathematics.

Diocese of Wilmington – Renaissance Average Scores 2023

  Reading Math
Diocese 61% 65%
Nation 50% 50%




SAT data confirms a robust academic program in the high schools.  Students of all abilities take the SAT.  The data demonstrates that the Catholic secondary school averages are above the average scores reported by the College Board for SAT test-takers in Delaware, Maryland and the nation in Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing.

Diocese of Wilmington – SAT Average Scores 2022

  Evidenced-Based  Reading and Writing Math Total
Diocese 550 510 1070
Delaware/Maryland 449/546 477/529 968/1075
Nation 529 521 1050