Chancery Office

The Diocesan Curia is composed of those institutes and persons who assist the Bishop in governing the entire Diocese, especially in directing pastoral action and in providing for the administration of the Diocese.


The Chancellor is a member of the Bishop’s staff that is required by Church law as secretary of the Curia. As chief archivist the Chancellor’s primary function is to maintain and safeguard the instruments and writings which refer to both the spiritual and temporal affairs of the Diocese.  The Chancellor receives delegated responsibility from the Bishop involving a wide range of matters and affairs including issuing dispensations, permissions, and faculties to clergy.  The Chancellor also serves as a resource to priests and others who have church responsibilities.

Very Rev. Steven P. Hurley, S.T.L.

Diocese of Wilmington
P.O. Box 2030
Wilmington, DE 19899-2030
Fax: 302-573-6836

[email protected]


Chancery Secretary
Therese M. Rubini