Elementary Curriculum

Becoming Disciples
Outcome Based Curriculum Guidelines
for elementary and middle school levels

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The diocese has prepared these guidelines to assist catechists in our parishes and schools, parents, priests, deacons and anyone engaged in passing on the faith to the next generation. We encourage anyone who uses these guidelines to be sure to read the Introduction before taking up the guidelines for a particular grade level. The Introduction gives you the background and the context for understanding how the curriculum is developed and the approach it takes.

In his letter accompanying the curriculum, the bishop sets forth a challenge and a task for every member of the Church, but in a special way for those who have been called to the ministry of catechesis. “You are the Lord’s disciples who will bring life to these Guidelines. I entrust the mission of catechesis to you and I believe you will take the knowledge of our faith and blend it with the heart of your faith as you teach the Word of God in Scripture and the doctrine of our church with the young disciples of our Diocese”

May we all grow to become more faithful disciples.

Bishop’s Letter
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