Support Our Retired Priests with a special collection on May 22/23

The Diocese of Wilmington will conduct a special collection to benefit the Diocesan Priests’ Retirement Fund the weekend of May 22/23. You can support this important collection by mailing your donation to your parish, using your parish’s online donation portal, or placing your donation in the collection basket at church.

The average age of priests of the Diocese of Wilmington is increasing and more priests are retiring from active parish ministry each year. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please pray for an increase in vocations in our diocese, and for our retired priests.

We have 36 retired priests of the Diocese of Wilmington. Let’s meet four of them, Father Ed Aigner, Father Dan Gerres, and Msgr Charles Brown:

And lets meet three more, Father Len Kempski, Father Ray Forester, Msgr, Dan McGlynn. Also in this video is Father Ed Storck who passed away on June 12, 2017.