Diocesan Vocations Guild (DVG)

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Diocesan Vocations Guild (DVG)

A group of men and women from various parishes in the Diocese of Wilmington who… •Pray for and promote vocations to the priesthood, deaconate and religious life, •Affirm the work of priests, deacons and religious through programs that show love, respect and gratitude to those who have accepted the vocation call,

•Grow spirituality through prayer and learning.

The Diocesan Vocations Guild was formed in September 2011 with the merger of The Diocesan Vocations Prayer Guild (formerly known as the Diocese of Wilmington Mothers’ Guild) and the Diocese of Wilmington Serra Club In-formation. The Diocesan Vocations Guild is open to Catholics from within or with ties to the Diocese of Wilmington who pray for, encourage and support the bishop, priests, religious and seminarians of the diocese.  The objectives of the Guild are achieved through prayer, service and the affirmation of the importance of the priesthood and the religious life to the mission of the diocese.

Some of the events and projects that the Diocesan Vocations Guild will hold and/or sponsor include Priesthood Sunday campaign  Christmas luncheon for priests and seminarians, ushering and hosting a reception at diocesan ordinations, Lenten afternoon of reflection, and Vocations Awareness Week drawing contest for children in grades 1 through 4 in diocesan schools and religious education programs.

The group meets in Wilmington on the second Wednesday of most months at 7:00 p.m. from September through June. Most meetings are held in the diocesan office building, 1626 North Union Street, Wilmington, Delaware.

There are two types of membership: Active and Auxiliary.  Active members are involved in many aspects of the Guild’s work.  Auxiliary members support the mission of the Guild through prayer and any other way they are able.  Yearly dues are $20.00 for individuals or married couples.

For more information, or to be put on the mailing list for notification of upcoming meetings and other events, contact: •Bob Krebs at 302-573-3116 or [email protected] •Mary Ann Peirson at  302-573-3113 or [email protected].


This year’s DVG Vocations Drawing Contest Winners:

First graders were asked to answer the following question in their drawing: “What does a priest, sister, brother or deacon do?”  The winning drawing was made by Brendan Mack from Christ the Teacher Catholic School in Newark, Delaware:

2016 1st Grade Winner by Brendan Mack

Second grade students were asked to create drawings on the topic: “What is something a priest does besides celebrating Mass?” Marin Wilson from Saints Peter and Paul School in Easton, Maryland made this winning drawing:

2016 2nd Grade Winner by Marin Wilson

Third graders were asked to draw a picture on the topic: “How has a priest, sister, brother or deacon helped you?” Rebecca Weller from Holy Cross CCD in Dover, Delaware made this winner:

2016 3rd Grade Winner by Rebecca Weller (CCD)

The fourth grade topic was; “How would you see yourself as a priest, sister, brother or deacon?” Giada Brown from Saint Anthony of Padua School made this winning drawing:

2016 4th Grade Winner by Giada Brown

We thank all the students who entered the contest and their teachers and catechist for helping promote vocations.

Read the news release here.

Priesthood Sunday cropped

Thank a Priest on Priesthood Sunday.

Priesthood Sunday is the last Sunday in October. It is a time to show appreciation to our parish priests for all that they do for us. Is there a better way to say “thank-you” than to remember Father in prayer? The Diocesan Vocations Guild invites you to commit to praying for your parish priest, seminarian, or our Bishop. Then click on the spiritual bouquet certificate below, print it out, fill it out, and present it to your priest on Priesthood Sunday, or anytime of year!

Click here for the Priesthood Sunday Spiritual Bouquet Certificate