Letter from Bishop Malooly

A Letter from Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly, D.D.
Ninth Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington



Dear Couples,
At this time, your relationship is very private and very personal. On the day of your wedding, your relationship will be forever changed. Though it will remain personal, it will no longer be private. As wife and husband, you will be public persons.
Yours is a life of being genuinely human, a life raised up by Christ to reflect the Divine. I stand in awe as you take this step in your lives.
Your families helped prepare you for this journey. They taught you as mine taught me many of the really good things about married and family life. We learned a little more about life in classrooms and much more in social gatherings and while dating. And now, you are ready to begin a more formal preparation for Christian married and family life. This preparation includes:  1) sessions with your priest/deacon; 2) sessions with family life educators; and, 3) sessions with married couples.
As God graces your lives with children, learn to treasure them and to love them. Teach them to give and to love in return. Form them so they will love God and their neighbors as Christ loves them.
Christian marriage is your way of answering God’s call.
Again, I congratulate you.
In Our Lord,
Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly
Bishop of Wilmington