Share in the Spirit – Where Is Your Heart?


Schools Need Your Investment

By:  Louis De Angelo, Superintendent of Schools

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21).  Jesus’ words, as recorded by St. Matthew, pointedly call us to reflect about what is most important to us and how we demonstrate its importance by our investment in it.  If asked to describe what we carry on our hearts, topping the list with certainty would be our children (grandchildren, nieces, nephews).  For all of us, they represent the future, our future.

If indeed our children, grandchildren, etc., are our future, are they not worthy of our greatest treasure?  More than stocks, real estate, bequests, or other investments, our children are deserving of the most significant investment we have to ready them for the world of today and tomorrow.

So how will we afford them the best future we can provide?  The answer is simple – a Catholic school education that offers them roots and wings.  In order to face the future, our children need to be grounded in the Catholic faith – beliefs, traditions, rituals, prayers, service.  Their ability to meet challenges and to overcome them will be better served if they have a solid foundation gained through a Catholic school education where family and school work together to develop faith, community, worship, and service.

The success of a Catholic school education be measured in the expanse it offers graduates to pursue and succeed in the world.  Wherever one finds oneself, more than likely a successful Catholic school graduate is there – in education, business, politics, medicine, law, military, etc.  Catholic school graduates are in every aspect of life making a difference by how they live their lives and affect our lives.

Would you agree that our children and the future are worthy of our investment?  Are you willing to place your treasure where your heart is?  If so, this weekend is the time to bear witness to what you believe and whom you love.  Whether for your own children or family members, for your neighbor’s children, or even for children whom you may not know, an investment in Catholic school education is an investment in the future – theirs and ours.  Join with the thousands of others in the Diocese of Wilmington in supporting the Share in the Spirit Collection.  Your contribution, whatever it is, makes a statement.  It states you hold children as most important now and for the future and you believe that Catholic school education makes a difference for them and for our world.

Look at your treasure, the abundance of blessings you have received.  What return will you make to the Lord for all He has given you?    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21).