Annual Catholic Appeal – From the Bishop

Dear Friends in Christ,

Hope is an essential ingredient in any human life.  Without hope life would be meaningless.  For the Christian man and woman hope is confidence that God, who loves us and calls us to eternal life, will never abandon us.  He will give us the grace we need to overcome the obstacles in our journey to Him.  At times that “grace” is the compassionate help of His disciples.

As disciples of Christ, we believe that we are created to love and serve God and to share the good news of hope and salvation with all people.  Despite the uncertainty and anguish so present in our world, we need to look no farther than our Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal to see shining examples of true discipleship characterized by an unselfish desire to reach out to those in need so that they might live more fully.

The Annual Catholic Appeal, with its theme “Disciples of Christ, Witnesses of Hope,” brings hope and the good news of Christ’s love to thousands of our sisters and brothers throughout Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Through your support, the Church of Wilmington provides the necessities of life to those in material need, peace and comfort to those in spiritual distress, religious instruction to eager minds, and guidance for struggling families and individuals.

With confidence in your spirit of love and compassion, I ask that you respond generously to the Annual Catholic Appeal.  As believers and followers of our Lord, let us realize the true meaning of serving the least among us.  Let us be Disciples of Christ, Witnesses of Hope.

Sincerely yours in Our Lord,
Catholic Diocese of Wilmington
Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly
Bishop Emeritus