Offices and Ministries

The Diocese is entrusted to a Bishop for his pastoral care. He is not alone, however, in fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to him. One of the vehicles available to assist the Bishop in his administration of the Diocese is his Curia, otherwise known as the Diocesan Central Offices and Ministries. The Diocesan Curia consists of those institutions and persons which assist the Bishop in the governance of the whole Diocese, especially in guiding pastoral action. The diocesan ministries and offices also assist parishes and institutions within the Diocese to fulfill their mission by providing resources, leadership, direction, and support.

The Central Offices and Ministries of the Diocese of Wilmington are organized into six functional departments as well as the Administrative Offices of the Diocese. Services offered by these offices are described on the pages of this Web Site and are listed on the navigation bar on the left side of the home page.