* Jimmy Akin will discuss his book, ” Teaching with Authority: How to Cut Through Doctrinal Confusion & Understand What the Church Really Says” on the May 25th episode of Catholic Forum on its new station, day and time.

On the May 25, 2019 edition  of Catholic Forum, tune as apologist and author, Jimmy Akin, discusses his new book, “Teaching with Authority: How to Cut Through Doctrinal Confusion & Understand What the Church Really Says.” We will also hear another edition of Modern Day Witness, with Father Rich Jasper. Tune in SATURDAY at 11:00 a.m. on Relevant Radio 640! Read the news release here.

Modern Day Witness is written by Father Richard Jasper, Associate Pastor of St. Ann Church in Wilmington, Delaware, to highlight the lives and work of Catholic men and women, many of whom have lived and worked in recent years, who are models of discipleship.  Father Jasper will present a new edition of Modern Day Witness each week on the Catholic Forum radio program/podcast, beginning April 27, 2019. Click here for additional information.

Catholic Forum is a production of the Office of Communications of the Diocese of Wilmington. Listen each Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. on Relevant Radio 640. After the program airs on broadcast radio, it is available via podcast below, or by searching Catholic Forum on Apple, iHeartRadio, and Spotify Podcasts.

Catholic Forum debuted on April 9, 1939. It is the longest-running non-liturgical Catholic radio program in the United States. It features a brief reflection on and introduction of the Sunday Gospel, the proclamation of the Gospel by one of our Diocesan Deacons, a selection of inspirational music and an interview segment.

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