Say “NO” to Physician-Assisted Suicide in Delaware

The Church specifically opposes Physician-Assisted Suicide because it seeks to legalize the intentional taking of human life; this deliberate activity violates the most basic tenet of our belief in the sacredness of life, and simultaneously poses many dangers to vulnerable populations. A truly caring community devotes more attention and support to members facing the most vulnerable times in their lives; when the sick, elderly, and vulnerable are tempted to see their lives as less valuable, they most need the love and assistance of others to assure them of their worth.

Legislation was again filed in the Delaware General Assembly that seeks to legalize the practice of physician-assisted suicide (PAS). The bill – HB 160 (HOUSE BILL 160 TEXT) – which is often referred to as “Death with Dignity” or “Aid in Dying” by its proponents – is almost exactly identical to the failed bill from 2015. The bill sponsor has not made any changes to the substance of the bill that address any of the serious concerns that have been raised by the many Delawareans who have opposed the bill. All the major issues remain.

Nothing is more valuable than a legislator hearing from someone in their district, so please click here to email your legislator today and respectfully tell them that you strongly oppose HB 160 and to vote against it when the bill is voted on by the Delaware House of Representatives.


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