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Vocation Director - Rev. Joseph Cocucci

If you are in the process of discerning a call to priesthood and would like to talk, please contact our office at 302.573.3113 or e-mail Rev. Joseph Cocucci at [email protected].

A message from Most Rev. Michael A. Saltarelli:

"And the rich young man turned away sadly, for he had many possessions." Mt 19:22

The key word here is "sadly." It is sad that there are so many things, possessions, and persons that prevent young people from responding positively to the Lordís call in their lives. It is sad that the mission of the Church is not able to be all that it can be and people are deprived of the consolations of the sacraments. I hope this web site will be the cause of removing so much of the sadness in our world. I hope this will be helpful to our young men and women as they discern Godís will to help them to bring joy into our world as priests and consecrated religious men and women.

Most Rev. Michael A. Saltarelli
Bishop of Wilmington

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