Say “NO!” to Physician-Assisted Suicide in Delaware.

House Bill 160, the so called “End of Life Options Act,” would legalize physician-assisted suicide in Delaware. This profoundly troubling legislation is opposed by the Catholic community, other faith groups, the Medical Society of Delaware, the Delaware Health Care Association, and advocates for persons with disabilities. On this issue, Pope Francis has cautioned that the dignity of both human life and the medical profession are at stake: “We must not give in to the functionalist temptation to apply rapid and drastic solutions, moved by false compassion or by mere criteria of efficiency or cost-effectiveness.” The sanctity of life and the dignity of the person are objective truths and nonnegotiable principles of our faith.

On the January 28, 2018 episode of Catholic Forum, Fr. Leonard Klein, Director of Pro Life Activities for the Diocese of Wilmington, and Ms. Jennifer Briemann, Deputy Director of the Maryland Catholic Conference, discussed physician-assisted suicide. You can listen here (the interview begins at 5:45):

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