Help our Cathedral on August 20 & 21

2016 Bishops Letter

The Cathedral of Saint Peter is the Seat of the Diocese of Wilmington and the Bishop’s own church. This beautiful and historic church is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, and is in need of our help. The weekend of August 22 & 21, a special collection for the maintenance and preservation of the Cathedral of Saint Peter will be taken up in all parishes in our diocese. Please be as generous as you can.

Fr. Leonard Klein, Administrator of the Cathedral of St. Peter talks about the Cathedral and the importance of a special collection to help maintain this beautiful and historic church in the Quaker Hill section of Wilmington, Delaware.

Hear Margaret Consiglio & Michael Davidson from the Cathedral of St. Peter talk about the Cathedral in an interview that aired on Catholic Forum on August 1, 2016. Click below:

Join historian, George Callahan, for a tour of the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Peter. Enjoy its lovely stained-glass windows and explore its historic ‘catacombs.’

To learn more about the Cathedral of Saint Peter and its 200th anniversary celebration, click here.