Deer feasting on flowers, plants at cemetery.

April 7, 2014 — (Wilmington, Delaware) — All Saints Cemetery, located at 6001 Kirkwood Highway between Wilmington and Newark, Delaware, is being inundated with deer that are foraging the cemetery and eating flowers, potted plants and shrubs.

“We are currently experiencing an overpopulation of White-tailed Deer in our area that move into the cemetery at dusk to feast on the cut flowers and plants that families leave on the graves to honor their loved ones,” said Mr. Mark Christian, Executive Director of Catholic Cemeteries for the Diocese of Wilmington. “Artificial arrangements are just as pretty and don’t end up on the menu for the wildlife.”

Cemetery management is urging families to avoid placing any fresh or potted plants on the graves for Easter. Instead they are recommending artificial flowers in appropriate cemetery containers. These types of arrangements are readily available at local retailers and garden shops. As a service to families, appropriate artificial arrangements can also be purchased directly from the cemetery office beginning April 10, 2014.

Catholic Cemeteries, Inc., a non-profit corporation, was founded as the New Cathedral Cemetery Company in 1881 and changed its corporate charter and name to Catholic Cemeteries, Inc. in 1955. The company owns and operates Gate of Heaven, All Saints Cemetery and Cathedral Cemetery. Additional information about Catholic Cemeteries Inc. of the Diocese of Wilmington is available on the internet at

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