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The Delaware Alliance of Catholic School Parents is an organization made up of every Catholic School parent in the Diocese of Wilmington.

Its purpose is to advance the interests of students enrolled in Catholic schools, and their parents and families. DACSP provides the opportunity for parent voices in the state and federal legislative process.

The DACSP was formed by the Board of Catholic Schools in 2002, with the permission and encouragement of Bishop Saltarelli. Its activities and efforts are coordinated with the Diocesan Public Policy Committee.

The DACSP sometimes partners with other groups in its public policy efforts, including the Maryland Catholic Conference, the Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools Consortium, the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, and the Delaware Association of Independent Schools.

While every school in the Diocese has an assigned representative to the DACSP, EVERY PARENT is invited to participate in DACSP activities, programs and events.

Recent activities of the DACSP include:

Supporting school nurse, transportation and driver education subsidies;

A voice in developing guidelines governing early childhood programs;

Parent letter writing effort to support Federal Title programs which benefit Catholic schools;

Publication of a Report Card on Catholic Schools

Visits to Legislative Hall in Dover on behalf of Catholic school issues.

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