Diocesan Board for Religious Education

The Diocesan Board for Religious Education advises the Bishop and the Office for Religious Education on policies, directions and strategic plans for the formal religious education programs in the parishes and schools. The staff of the Religious Education Office provides support to the Board. The Diocesan Director for Religious Education is the Executive Secretary for the Board.

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Ballintyn, Dolores

St. John the Beloved

Cresswell, Beth St. John-Holy Angels
Dillingham, Rev. Charles St. Mary of the Assumption
Grady, John Holy Cross
McDowell, Rita Immaculate Heart of Mary
McGlynn, Rev. Msgr. Daniel Holy Cross
Nash, Valerie Our Lady of Fatima
Neill, Jack St. Mary of the Assumption
Santa Barbara, Denise St. Ann, Bethany
Yackley, Terri Church of the Good Shepherd
Yaeger, Deacon John St. John the Apostle
Yasik, Karen Cathedral of St. Peter
Stankewicz, Deacon Michael Ex-Officio

Board Meeting Dates:

September 24

October 22

December 3

February 18

April 1

May 20

Board Meetings are held at:

1626 N. Union Street

Board Meetings begin at:

6:00 pm

To communicate with a Board Member, please email Linda Jackson, Administrative Secretary to the Board, at [email protected]