Religious Education


Leadership through Service Catholic Diocese of Wilmington - Religious EducationThe Office for Religious Education is responsible for the formal catechetical programs for children, youth and adults in the Diocese of Wilmington.


It accomplishes its task by: Clarifying and articulating a vision of catechesis.  Supporting the parish personnel responsible for catechesis. Encouraging a process of growth and development in catechesis. Monitoring the local programs. Empowering local personnel who are the prime agents of catechesis.




 Son of God

Son of God film

On Friday, February 28, 2014, the new movie Son of God opens in theaters nationwide. This feature length film tells the story of Jesus from his birth to his Resurrection in a compelling and inviting presentation.  The movie is derived from the History Channel miniseries The Bible which was viewed by an estimated 100 million people last year.  It is hoped that Son of God might touch peoples’ minds and hearts with the story of Jesus and bring alive the Gospel in a way that helps envision what those who lived at the time of Jesus might have experienced. To help make this movie a catechetical event, materials and catechetical aids have been prepared by the Archdiocese of Washington. These include excerpts from the movie, explanations of the faith content and different discussion questions. They are all available for your use by accessing the Archdiocesan website at   Please consider these for your use in your parish religious education programs, religion classes in schools or any faith formation opportunities. The ultimate hope is that after seeing Son of God, people will be drawn to rediscover the Gospel account and rejoice in its saving message!



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