Ministry to the Elderly

Catholic Ministry to the Elderly, Inc. – Marydale

Catholic Ministry to the Elderly, Inc. is a non-profit Corporation of the Diocese of Wilmington which “owns and operates” Marydale, a housing facility for senior citizens with some limited facilities for handicapped adults.

Marydale is located just outside Newark on Salem Church Road, across from Christiana High School and adjacent to the Little Sisters of the Poor Jeanne Jugan Residence.

Rent subsidy is provided by the U.S. Government (H.U.D.). Marydale tenants live independently and enjoy the companionship of peers in a unique community. Marydale is designed in a garden-style setting. The community consists of 108 one-bedroom apartments (90 first floor with 6 handicapped equipped; 18 second floor). These are situated in 9 individual courts, 12 apartments per court.

Marydale apartments rent for 30% of tenant’s adjusted gross income. A variable allowance is also included for electric expense.

Marydale does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Persons who may apply include:

A single person at least 62.
A handicapped or disabled person.
A husband/wife, one of whom is at least 62 or handicapped or disabled.
Related persons, such as a working adult and parent 62 or over

An Admissions Committee reviews all applications and approves those which meet the following criteria:

Income of applicant(s) must fall below government low and very low income levels (this is adjusted periodically).
Demonstrated ability to pay rent.
History as a good tenant or neighbor.
Housekeeping habits

Apartment features include:

Two air conditioners
Front or side porch
Medic-alert system
Smoke/Fire warning system
Safety bars in bath area

Community features include:

Tenant parking areas
Transportation to and from shopping centers via Marydale van
Local transportation available
Structural and grounds maintenance
Community Center for Activities
Community Services Coordinator

To apply, write or telephone:
Marydale, 135 Jeandell Drive
Newark, DE 19713
TTY/TDD (302) 368-4601