Share in the Spirit – Catholic Schools – Forming Disciples of Christ…and Future Leaders

For more than 185 years, the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Wilmington have carried out their essential mission: to educate and form students in the light of Jesus Christ. Our mission is accomplished by honoring individual dignity and by encouraging students to grow in the image and likeness of God. Catholic schools form future leaders and community servants who follow Jesus and who are – dedicated to serving others.

In government, in business, in community service and in the arts, graduates of Catholic schools have succeeded and achieved prominence for many years, and continue to do so today.

Every day, our schools face a challenge – and an opportunity – to make a real difference in the lives of individuals, families, and society. By focusing on the words and the example of Jesus Christ, our Catholic schools provide every teacher, parent, and student with opportunities to become authentic Christian disciples, to serve others as Jesus did.

Catholic schools are unique because they are communities of faith, dedicated to spiritual growth, academic excellence, and service. Our schools are communities of learners, teachers, and believers – caring environments in which children are nurtured to become happy, productive, and successful members of our society.

Schools possess numerous characteristics intrinsic to their success. Our religious principles and values foster the caring environment that envelops all students, teachers, and staff. A rigorous curriculum emphasizes the importance of positive academic outcome. Values and discipline are consistent with our students’ home environment. Site-based management frees our schools of cumbersome bureaucracy. Their small size and neighborhood orientation foster a safe and stable environment. Parental involvement, from their insistence on academic quality to their daily participation in school activities, ensures that our standards and values remain consistent with our mission.

The value of a Catholic education cannot be underestimated. In our inner cities, as well as in our suburban and rural areas, the Diocese of Wilmington continues to provide educational opportunities that not only reinforce the strong moral values of our Catholic faith, but also ensure that our children acquire the essential skills and intellectual discipline required for success in the 21st Century.