Annual Catholic Appeal – From the Bishop

ACA 2017Dear Friends in Christ,

Upon reflection, most of us can truthfully say that we have been blessed by God with many wonderful gifts. Our families, our homes, our work, our health and many freedoms that we are able to enjoy are all evidence of those many blessings.

BishopMalooly However, there are some among us who struggle to experience these same blessings. There are some who may never experience them at all without our help.

Every day in the diocese of Wilmington, people in need turn to the Church for help and support. Some are hungry. Some are homeless. Some are sick or overwhelmed by fear, anger, or loneliness. People also look to us for help in working with youth, for family and marital counseling, for assistance in providing their children with a solid Catholic education and for encouragement in spiritual growth.

All these needs are real; some of them are urgent. Many can be met by programs funded by the Annual Catholic Appeal. For more than 40 years, Catholics in the Diocese of Wilmington have responded willingly and generously to Christ’s call to love their brothers and sisters. We are one family, sharing one faith. Together we have the strength to make a tremendous difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Over my nine years here as bishop you have done just that.

The 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal theme, taken from the Gospel of St. Luke is, “Their Eyes Were Opened and They Recognized Him”. Mindful that Jesus lives in each of us, let us open our eyes and recognize Him in those who come to us for help.

Please accept my gratitude for your continued support of the Annual Catholic Appeal. May God reward you abundantly for your goodness to all who ask for help in His name. May those whom you assist recognize Him through all you provide.

Sincerely yours in Our Lord,
Catholic Diocese of Wilmington
Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly
Bishop of Wilmington