Delegate for Religious

The Delegate for Religious maintains the bond between the Bishop of the Diocese and the Communities of Religious women and me within the Diocese. The Delegate strives to communicate and make present to Religious the pastoral concerns of the Bishop. The Delegate likewise represents to the bishop on behalf of Religious women and men any group concerns or needs they may have. The Delegate works closely with a Religious Advisory Board.

Barbara A. Beatson, Secretary

31 Congregations of Religious Women
11 Congregations of Religious Men
224 Religious Women
101 Religious Men

How to reach us:
Office for Religious
Diocese of Wilmington
1626 N. Union Street
Wilmington, DE 19806
Phone: (302) 573-3124
Fax: (302) 573-6944
[email protected]

Council of Religious Advisory Board
As of June 2013
Sr. Jeanne Frances Cashman, OSU
Sr. Colleen Quinlivan, OSB
Br. Joseph Ash, CSC
Rev. James Bagnato, O.PRAEM

The Council of Religious Advisory Board is an organization that serves as a liaison between the Religious of the Diocese of Wilmington and the Bishop. Our mission is rooted in the mission of Christ and flows from the purpose for which the Diocese exists: to announce and promote the presence of God’s reign already in our midst. As Religious, we strive for unity in the midst of diversity; we seek to live radical Gospel values in fidelity to our congregational charisms in various ministries, in collaboration with the local Diocesan Church.