Child and Adult Care Food Program

Child and Adult Care Food Program



How Catholic Charities Helps


Catholic Charities administers The Child and Adult Care Food Program, a federal program, which supports children in daycare.  The program is available to Delaware-licensed residential daycare providers.


The program provides reimbursement to licensed family childcare providers for meals and snacks they provide which meet nutritional quality standards.  Claims for reimbursement are reviewed monthly for accuracy and menu meal patterns.  Field staff monitors participating childcare providers at least three times each year for compliance with federal and state regulations.


Children in the program learn good eating habits that will improve their quality of life.  Parents are confident that their children are eating high quality meals.  Daycare providers receive valuable nutrition education and help in encouraging positive eating habits.


Because of the Child and Adult Care Food Program, federal tax dollars are returned to the daycare provider’s state, and are invested in health of the community’s children.



How To Get Help


For more information, or to enroll your home-based daycare in the program, please contact Catholic Charities’ Child and Adult Care Food Program at the location nearest you.  Eligibility is free and open to all licensed family daycare home providers.


New Castle County Office

2601 W 4th Street

Wilmington, DE 19805

Phone: 302-655-9624


Kent County Office

2099 S DuPont Highway

Dover, DE 19901

Phone: 302-674-1600


Sussex County Office

406 S. Bedford St., Suite 9

Georgetown, DE 19947

Phone: 302-856-3414


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CACFP providers:
You can now access program forms here.
CACFP Enrollment Statement
CACFP Attendance Report
CACFP Infant Meal Pattern Menu
CACFP Infant Feeding Information & Documentation
CACFP Monthly Meal Count Record
CACFP Post In Kitchen Each Week


Additional documents:
CACFP Policy Newsletter
CACFP Newsletter – 2012 Summer Nutritious Nibbles
CACFP Important Recordkeeping and Tax Tips



How You Can Help


If you know of a family daycare provider, please let them know that they are eligible for this program and invite them to call Catholic Charities to enroll.


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